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About the project

- project plan, premises, surroundings

About the project

The project Investors apartment complex multifunctional "SOHO TOWER" is a development company IMMO-MEM Ltd. from Komárno with many years of experience in the marketing of real estate.

The project itself is offering on its premises a wide possibility of investing in real estate. On the ground floor will be placed the Café directly in the left part and in the right area will be two commercial spaces. On the increased ground floor will be placed 7 commercial premises for diverse application, so in the Administration (offices, advocacy, civil-law notary, accounting, etc.), as well as in services (hairdresser's, beauty salon, massage parlour etc.).

From the second to the eighth floor is located 42 housing units in the composition of 14 one-bedroom apartments with an area of approx. 39 m², 21 double-bed apartments with area from 58 to 73 sqm and 7 three-room apartments with an area of 91 sq. On 9. floor will be built 2 large-area PENTHOUSE-EW apartments covering an area of 138 m² with large glass walls and covering an area of 60 m² with terrace of beautiful views. All these spaces are for sale!

The project plan

The design documentation addresses change in the construction of residential house. It will be carried out in the framework of its modernisation and extension of two new premium flats. The whole exterior of apartment house is a high-quality material and thermal insulating are equipped with new plastic windows of the highest quality. These alterations provide major benefits for the reduction of overhead costs. To the basic amenities include a new State of the art complex, "SOHO TOWER", and environmentally friendly elevator brand "OTIS" with recuperation (recovery use of electricity) and very silent running. Of course there are security, fire protection and noise control entrance doors to each apartment and reliable camera system. The object is partly cellar, from these premises will be created in the storage areas.

Among the criteria of the project also include the adjustment of the surroundings of the complex, as foster park, planting, care for greenery, new benches and edit paths.

We believe that our apartment homes take your interest and offer you the opportunity to prospective investment and unique housing in an exclusive location in the middle of the historic centre of city Komárno.